Seminar 109 – Dairy Free Ice Cream & Desserts Seminar

Seminar 109 – Dairy Free Ice Cream & Desserts Seminar

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9am – 3:30pm

Taught by: Malcolm Stogo
For the past three years we have successfully presented Dairy Free Ice Cream Seminars to sold out classes. We are so proud of this success because we have been able to create a niche category in the dessert business that is becoming hugely more popular every year. From the comments and advise of many our students, they have asked us to expand the seminar to include dairy free baked goods, so that when entering the dairy free dessert business they can have a fuller menu to present to their customers.

If you want to be really successful in the dairy free dessert business (dairy free ice cream and baked goods), you need to start thinking outside the box.


Why should I just stick to offering traditional ice cream and baked goods, when I know a third of my customers are either vegan or lactose intolerant?

We hope you will join us!

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