Business Plan


If you don’t start thinking about it right now, please forget your idea.  Without a fully written business plan, your chance of success is almost nil. A readable business plan must tell a personal story of who you are and your passion for your idea. It must concise and easy to read. 

A business plan serves three main purposes:

  1. It will help to convince you that your idea makes sense. 
  2. You will need it to get financing from a bank, SBA or investors.  

A well-formulated plan serves two important functions:

  1. It is a plan of attack — how you will get your business started.
  2. It is a guide that enables you to steer the business into a profitable position and keep it there. 
  3. It will help you answer key questions that a lender will ask: 


This business plan incorporates all of the requirements necessary to develop, design and operate a successful frozen desserts retail business. This plan will explain in detail:

The Vision

This section describes your vision with the goal of making it a personal story. 

Executive Summary

In one or two paragraphs, you will tell the reader what you are trying to accomplish and how you will get there.                               

Company Ownership and Financial Need

This section describes who owns the company and its financial needs.   

Who's Involved

Besides yourself, who else is involved with the company and what are their strengths.

Major Objectives - Short term

Describe your short-term objectives (6-12 months to 3 years) in this section.      

Why Will We Succeed                       

This is an important section of the business plan that outlines your plans and why they will work. 

For a new concept to be successful, it must be unique and different from its competition

Description of Business

Describe your concept and your business. Can you explain why it is different?

Product Description   

Talk about what products you will offer and why they are different than your competition.                           


Do you have a location picked out now? If not, who do you know that has a great location for an ice cream/gelato store and why is that so?

All the money in the world cannot buy success without a good location. Site selection is a process, one requiring hours and hours of making site visits, sitting in front of ice cream stores and analyzing what makes them successful or not, the better off your final decision will be.  

The Competition                               

Who is your competition?

Start-Up Funding

You will only know how much you need until you have written your business plan.                           

Pro-Forma Financial Profit and Loss               

Difficult to put down on paper, but by visiting other shops, you will slowly get a grasp of what your revenue will be.

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