Wholesale Ice Cream

Malcolm’s Ice Cream, Simply Natural!

We are very proud to provide the food service and restaurant industry with the finest quality ice creams, gelatos and sorbets imaginable. Personal attention goes into each unique flavor resulting in a very dense, creamy, and fabulously
tasting flavor profile. When you purchase from Malcolm’s, you will receive a product using only the finest ingredients available. No artificial flavoring, no coloring and no preservatives. We take great pride in hand crafting all of our flavors, one small batch at a time.


All of our ice creams are made with our proprietary 16% Butterfat Recipe.

5 Liter tub (serves up to 40)- $46.00 - 2 1/2 gallon tub (serves up to 60)- $69.00

Pure Vanilla: It is the benchmark of who we are. Our finest flavor.
Deep Chocolate: 65% Venezuelan cacao
Espresso: Deep and smooth from our own coffee blend
Salted Caramel Pecan: Classic New Orleans salted praline
Ricotta Fig: Imported ricotta cheese with our artisanal fig sauce
Frutti di Bosco Cheesecake: Our creamy velvety cheesecake with mixed berries
Mint Chocolate Chunk: The touch of mint is just perfect, no artificial coloring here!
Red Velvet: Lots of Red Velvet Cake in our delicious white ice cream base
Cookie Monster: Oreo and chocolate chip cookies, with a swirl of fudge


All of our plant based flavors made with our proprietary coconut base

5 Liter tub (serves up to 40)- $50.00

Pomegranate: 100% pure coconut puree and pomegranate juice, with an added touch of Goje Berry and Raspberry
Pure Vanilla: It is the benchmark of who we are. Our plant based ice cream flavor.
Fresh Strawberry: It's like eating a bowl of fresh strawberries.
Deep Chocolate: 65% Venezuelan cacao
Acai: The healthiest superfruit
Nutella: Chocolate and hazelnut, very delicious
Key Lime Pie: Tastes just like the pie
Mango: We only use Alphonso mango from India


All of our ice creams are made with our proprietary 16% Butterfat Recipe.

5 Liter tub (serves up to 40)- $46.00

Thai Tea: Mellow black tea flavor
Green Tea: Using the best matcha you can buy
Coconut Mango: The combination delivers a very fresh tropical taste
Ube Macupuno: A very traditional Philippine ice crea


Using only the highest quality liquor, wine and liquers

5 Liter tub (serves up to 40)- $65.00

Bananas Foster: A Southern favorite bananas caramel and rum
Vanilla Bourbon: It is the benchmark of who we are. Our finest flavor
Chocolate Zinfadel: Dark Chocolate combined with a fantastic Californian Zinfandel and touch of balsamic vinegar
Mojito: Fresh mint, lime and white rum
Tequila Sunrise: Fresh squeezed orange juice with a touch of tequila
Pina Colada: If there was ever a restaurant dessert that was in winner, this is it
Peach Belini: Champagne and fragrant white peach nectar just like the drink


Our Sorbet Product Line uses only the freshest organic fruits. You will find no other sorbet like ours. Eating one cup of our sorbet is like eating the fruit itself.

5 liter tub (serves up to 45)- $46.00 - 2 1/2 gallon tub (serves up to 75)- $69.00

Lemon: Made with 100% fresh squeezed lemon juice.
Blackberry : Dark sweet berries and Cabernet
Chocolate: Darkest chocolate sorbet you will ever have
Raspberry: Tart sweet and delicious
Mango: Made from imported Indian Alphonso mangoes
Coconut: Fresh sweet young coconut
Passion Fruit: a Brazilian favorite tart tangy and aromatic
Sangria: Spain’s favorite wine punch
Peach: Put this sorbet flavor next to a vanilla ice cream and your customers will go wild
Pineapple Cilantro: Sweet golden Pineapple with aromatic cilantro


Our Italian Gelato Flavor Line is fantastic! It is totally organic and made from scratch. Take a bite and close your eyes and you will think you are in Rome or Bologna. Each gelato flavor we produce is very fresh and creamy with a soft texture and an outstanding unique intense flavor profile.

5 liter tub (serves up to 40)- $52.00

Vanilla: We use only the finest Madagascar vanilla
Gianduja (Chocolate and Hazelnut): A wonderful combination of chocolate and
Hazelnut: The taste of this nut is very pronounced. Nothing like this anywhere
Amarena (Wild Cherry): The wild sensuous Amarena cherry is one of our
signature flavors
Cacao (Chocolate): Intense chocolate, dark and creamy
Nocciola (Hazelnut): Very much the benchmark of what gelato really is
Caffe (Espresso): Espresso is what it is…Strong coffee with a touch of coffee liquor.
Stracciatella (Chocolate Chip): Classic Italian chip ice cream
Pistachio: Wonderfully 100% pure pistachio
Zabaglione (Egg, Honey, & Marsala Wine): A very traditional Italian dessert
Tiramisu (Lady Fingers, Coffee and Marsala Wine): Simply the frozen version of this very popular dessert

Malcolm’s would like each of our customers to be aware of our company policy on:
Lead Time:
Please allow us 2 working days prior to your delivery date to manufacture your order of basic flavors. Frequently we are able to satisfy your needs in less time but we cannot guarantee it.

Please be aware that flavors not listed in our brochure may require as much as one-week lead time.

Minimum Order: $150.00

Custom Flavors Minimum:
We ask that when ordering a custom flavor (a flavor not listed in our brochure) that all that is produced be purchased. That amount may be 2.5-4 gallons per flavor.

All orders are C.O.D. until payment terms have been established with Malcolm’s. It is important that payment terms be met promptly.