Seminar 108 Online Agenda

  • We will have an opening orientation about everything you have to know about the Emery Thompson and Carpigiani Batch Freezer, and why it makes a terrific piece of equipment to produce great ice cream, sorbets and Italian water ices. 
  • Learning how to marinate fruit for inclusion into the finished product
  • Learning how to make liquid chocolate to create a chocolate chip
  • Now it time get started making a great Vanilla ice cream. In our industry, there's an old saying; "you are always judged by the vanilla you produce."  
  • Developing a great Chocolate ice cream takes patience, but the results are just terrific. As a group it is second only to vanilla in sales
  • Producing various fruit and nut flavors. Fruit and nut flavors depending on the season are increasing in popularity and variations yearly
  • Creating popsicles and ice cream cookie sandwiches with silicone molds
  • Learning how to prepare gelato flavors from scratch.