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Seminar 106 - Taking the First Steps – How To Get Into the Ice Cream/Gelato Business

Seminar 106 - Taking the First Steps – How To Get Into the Ice Cream/Gelato Business

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An exciting day of a hands-on personalized experience that is geared to teach you the in’s and out’s of getting into the frozen dessert business, and to help/or to help you expand your existing business in ways you were just dreaming about before you got here.

This workshop program has been organized to take you on a step by step road so that when leaving this workshop you will feel comfortable about moving forward with your idea.

You will learn from a hands-on session where you will be asked to answer important questions about your idea or concept because only answers can help you move forward, or the answers might just take you to a point that your idea is not worth pursuing. Reaching either point is a good thing, so don’t despair.  

The purpose of this educational workshop is to evaluate your concept and whether it makes sense for being in either the retail or wholesale frozen dessert business. If you think you can go into business without getting an education first about the in’s and out’s of how to do it and whether your ideas are valid and realistic, you are crazy! This workshop will get you beyond the curve and help you understand it all.  See our Frequently Asked Questions

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Can't Make It?

You can also order the manual if you are unable to attend this highly instructive workshop!