Wedding Cake Shape

Wedding Cake Shape

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Silikomart Ice-Cream-Pop Silicone Mold, Wedding-Cake Shape

  • 2 molds, each with 4 cavities
  • Each cavity 3.3 inch x 3.3 inch x 1 inch high (83mm x 85mm x 25mm high)
  • Each cavity 3.1 ounce (92ml)
  • 1 transparent polycarbonate tray 11-1/2 inch x 15-1/2 inch x 1/2 inch high -not for oven
  • 50 wooden sticks, each 3/8 inch x 4-7/16 inch (9mm x 113mm)

This so-called Wedding Stick mold not only gives multi-tier shapes to freezing cream or baking batter, it forms the baking or freezing liquid around a pop stick (50 included), thanks to an integrated slot to slide the stick in.

  • Flexible non-stick silicone with temperature resistance of -76 to 446F (-60 to 230C)
  • Wooden sticks to complete your pop-stick jello, ice cream or cookie/cake
  • Firm polycarbonate tray either for holding the two silicone molds together while filling their cavities, or for sliding the molds in and out of the freezer, the tray resistant to cold* as low as -40F/-40C

*Not heat - do not put polycarbonate tray in oven.