The 2011 Ice Cream University Passion Award!

Best Ice Cream Shops - Sloan's Ice CreamThe best ice cream shops in America, period!

Ice Cream University is very proud to accept nominations for its Eighth Annual ICE CREAM STORE OF THE YEAR AWARD— THE PASSION AWARD— to be presented in January, 2011 to the very best ice cream shop in the United States. 

Past winners of the Ice Cream University Passion Award were:

  • 2004- Izzy’s, St. Paul, MN
  • 2005- LaLoo’s, Napa,CA
  • 2006- Mulberry Street Creamery, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2007- Whitey’s, Moline, IL
  • 2008- Bravo Gelato, Nashville, TN
  • 2009- La Sorbetteria, Bologna, Italy
  • 2010- Sloan’s, West Palm Beach, FL


The purpose of this award is to honor the very best. Criteria includes the following four areas:

  • The passion for making your store great
  • The passion for making the very best frozen dessert product
  • The passion for sharing your enthusiasm with your employees and customers
  • The passion for not giving up in the face of adversity


To be eligible you must be a subscriber to our newsletter, ICE CREAM UNIVERSITY NEWS, a seminar student of Ice Cream University, and/or a client of Malcolm Stogo Associates (past or present). If you are interested in being considered for THE PASSION AWARD, download the questionnaire here.