All seminar students must have a COVID-19 vaccination and must submit negative COVID test 72 hours in advance!


This is the time of the year when we all reflect on why we are in this business. The days of long hours are over, it's time to relax. So I say to you, we all should be thankful we are in a business we love, we have passion for it, and if we are smart in our decision making, we can actually make some money.

It is also time to think about 2016. What can we do better? Think in small steps. If we could improve our business by 15%, what would these improvements and ideas be.

  • New products that don't compete with your current mix- especially anything that is packaged for take out
  • Sugar free and non-dairy- this base of customers is your largest opportunity to actually increase sales
  • Marketing strategies- actually lower your prices
  • Fixing up your shop- a new paint job can make your shop look new