Proper Daily Maintenance: The Only Way to Assure Food Safety and Product Quality

Proper daily maintenance can involve a wide variety of products and procedures. Overall, the products and procedures fall into three separate categories. (Please note that this is a brief overview intended for informational purposes only.)

  1. CLEANING- This involves draining mix from the freezer barrel and rinsing the machine with water. Next, a cleaner is run through the machine. Then, the machine is disassembled and removable parts are taken to the sink for cleaning.
  2. MILKSTONE REMOVAL- Since almost all cleaners do not have the ability to remove milkstone, the use of a delimer becomes necessary. Although this procedure may not be needed on a daily basis, it will usually follow the cleaning procedure. It requires letting a delimer solution soak in the machine for an extended period of time. Individual parts are also soaked in a deliming solution for an extended period of time.
  3. SANITIZING- After the machine has been cleaned and contains no milkstone, the machine is reassembled. Then a FDA-approved sanitizing solution is run through the machine to kill bacteria. The machine is then ready for food preparation. For sanitizing your batch freezer or soft serve machine, we highly recommend Stera-Sheen Green label sanitizer, either in a bulk package or individual portion control packets. For product information and ordering, call Purdy Products at 1-800-255-0626.




Here's how you do it. Removing the fat deposits and protein soils normally encountered in an ice cream batch freezer.

When the freezing operations are completed: rinse the freezer several times with cold tap water (until the drain water is mostly clear), rinse once with hot water (110-120F), then put 3 gallons (for a 5 gallon freezer) of very hot water (120-125F, you can barely hold your hand in water of that temperature) into the freezer. At this time add the powdered HC-I0 cleaner at the rate of l ounce per gallon. Run the dasher (beater) for about a minute and let the freezer set for about a minute, then in the next 3 to 5 minutes run the beater occasionally for 15 seconds. During this time you can remove a small amount of the wash water from the freezer for cleaning both the mix inlet of the batch freezer and the outside of the equipment, as well as any utensils you have been using. After the allotted time (3-5 minutes), drain the solution from the freezer and rinse with warm water enough times to get the rinse completely free of the washing material. The hot soapy water can be used for general utensil cleaning, as well as floors and or walls. After the rinse has been completed, open the freezer and remove the beater assembly.

Place the beater in a clean dry area to air dry. Remove the beater shaft and hand wash this shaft and any other parts of the freezer that were missed with the general cleaning. The freezing chamber should be very clean.

This will keep your freezer clean and shiny. You may purchase this material by calling 1-800-328-3663, ext. 1. You will need to set up an account. You may purchase it in several size packages. 8 - 3 pound units per case, 4 - 10 lb. Pails, or 100 8-ounce packets