Offer your customers new flavors this summer!

As summer approaches, you always want to offer your customers something new. Try out these two flavors, your customers will love them!

(Made From Scratch)


10 pounds  sweet potatoes, peeled

1 pound sugar

9 quarts ice cream mix

1 ounce cinnamon

2 pounds pecan praline pieces

2 ounces lemon juice

Pecan praline pieces for garnish



Cook the sweet potatoes and sugar under medium heat to a slow boil. Drain off the sweet potato/sugar juice and discard. Puree the sweet potato mixture.

Pour the sweet potato puree, cinnamon, lemon juice, and ice cream mix into the batch freezer. Set the timer to 8 minutes. Turn on both the dasher and refrigeration and begin the batch. When the batch is complete, add the pecan pralines pieces, turn off the refrigeration and swirl in the caramel variegate into the tubs as you extrude the finished product.

Decorate tops of tubs with diced pear pieces and pecorino pieces.

Batch time: 13-15 minutes





To Prepare Apricot Puree

10 pounds dried apricots

2 quarts water

Other Ingredients Needed

2 ½ gallons ice cream mix

2 ounces vanilla extract

1 pound pistachios, roasted, no salt

13 ounces dry white wine



Prepare the apricot puree by bringing the dried apricots to a boil. Mix the sugar and stabilizer together and combine this mixture with one half required water (hot) and let it hydrate for 30 minutes.

Combine all ingredients and remaining water (cold) and pour them into batch freezer (except the dry white wine). Set the timer to 13 minutes, and begin the batch. As mixture starts to firm up and looks gravy, add dry white wine and pistachios, turn off refrigeration and extrude finished product. Decorate tops of tubs with pieces of apricot. And pistachios

Batch time: 13-15 minutes