Chocolate Ice Cream

This recipe for Chocolate ice cream is the standard for all the chocolate recipes in this segment, and over the years has been my standard for chocolate in general. It is dark and not too sweet.

Ingredients: 10 Quart Batch 20 Quart Batch  40 Quart Batch
Cocoa (22-24% fat) (B) 1¼ lb 2½ lb 5 pounds
Sugar (B) ½ lb 1 pound 2 pound
Hot water (B) 1½ pt 3 pt 6 pt
Ice cream mix (B) 1 ¼ gallons 2 1/2 gallons 5 gallons
Two-fold vanilla extract (B) 2 ounces 4 ounces 8 ounces


Batch time:9-11 minutes

Thoroughly mix cocoa and sugar with extremely hot water in a double boiler to create a smooth, creamy paste. Pour ¼ of the ice cream mix into the batch freezer and turn on the dasher. Add the cocoa paste and let dasher run until ingredients are completely blended. Pour in remaining ice cream mix, vanilla extract and chocolate extract. Set timer to 9 minutes, turn on refrigeration and begin the batch. When the batch is complete, turn off refrigeration and extrude the finished product.

MALCOLM SAYS: Chocolate needs an extra minute to freeze because of the weight of the cocoa and the fat content. Set timer to 9 minutes and check if done. It should be shiny, firm and very wavy. If it's slightly liquidy, continue to freeze for 1-2 minutes.