Seminar 110 - How to Make and Get Into the Popsicle Business

Seminar 110 - How to Make and Get Into the Popsicle Business

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West Orange, NJ
May 24, 2019

As you know, being in the ice cream business has many rewards. Two wonderful ideas are selling a beautifully decorated ice cream cake for a birthday party and/or making and selling popsicles as a snack either at your shop or as a take-out snack for consumption in someone’s home. Look at it this way, now is your chance to widen your menu in your shop for products customers want, and if they like what they purchase, it might mean that they come back again and again for more. Developing this take-home segment of your business can be the difference between your overall success in this business, or failure, especially in the cold winter months. At our one-day seminar, we will supply you with a manual and teach you to produce from scratch how to produce an ice cream cake and different kinds of popsicles. Being hands-on with small classes, means we are here to help you, and as an added bonus, you can have a private one-hour private consultation to discuss your concept, and get answers to questions you might have.



Holidays are BIG BUSINESS for the entrepreneur who has developed a frozen dessert cake and pie clientele. Everyone has a birthday, so tap into the "birthday cake market" and let your customers know with brochures and visual displays why they should purchase a delicious ice cream from your store. It may seem like an overwhelming task to make ice cream cakes and pies from scratch like the pro's do, but there is no mystery to it. All you need is a little technical knowledge, proper tools, and a great desire to build a successful dessert business. With an abundance of practice, you, too, can create your own line of beautiful frozen desserts made with your signature ice cream flavors. The workshop is designed to help you get started. Let's get started! You provide the desire, and we'll take care of everything else. Soon, you will be making the most fabulous-looking cakes and pies you ever imagined in your own shop just like the one below.

  • Opening orientation about producing and decorating a ice cream cake
  • Create cake base for cake mold
  • Produce the ice cream, and fill the mold
  • Unmold the cake
  • Decorate the cake


POPSICLES: A Niche Operation

For many of us, either in or out of the ice cream business, popsicles hold a dear place in our hearts, evoking the summer days of childhood spent outdoors, listening for the distinctive melody of the ice cream truck and celebrating its arrival. The heat of the summer would be alleviated with a sweet, frozen treat on a stick, whether fruity and colorful, or creamy and chocolatey. On the strength of this memory – of popsicles gone by – the frozen treat is finding its way in an updated and dressed-up version. Premium popsicles are all the rage right now.

Making popsicles are not difficult, fun to make, and the creativity you put into this idea is fantastic. Look around – there are popsicle pop-ups everywhere and you can become part of the craze by introducing the grown-up version of this popular childhood treat to your customers.


Starting a Popsicle Business

To get your popsicle business off the ground, you will need a two-pronged attack: equipment and recipes. The equipment you’ll need is:

  • Popsicle Molds: We only use silicone molds from Italy
  • Brine Tank: A faster and more industrial way to produce popsicles
  • Blast Freezer: After production, a deep freeze so chocolate dipping becomes possible
  • Popsicle Bags: To put popsicles into after production-
  • Popsicle Sticks: To make the popsicles a stick pop

You will also need recipes: containing different varieties of popsicle flavors. Creativity is essential: so use an assortment of ingredients that you enjoy and don’t be afraid to experiment. Be bold, and let your imagination run



There are two ways we can make a popsicle, either by a silicone mold, or from a brine tank

  • Produce the ice cream or sorbet, semi frozen
  • Fill the mold in silicone mold
  • Freeze the mold
  • Unmold the popsicle
  • Dip popsicle in chocolate
  • Bag the popsicle



  • Produce the ice cream or sorbet, semi frozen
  • Fill the metal brine tank molds
  • Place molds set into brine tank
  • Start freezing process
  • Unmold the popsicle from the brine tank molds
  • Dip popsicle in chocolate
  • Bag the popsicles