All seminar students must have a COVID-19 vaccination and must submit negative COVID test 72 hours in advance!

Seminar 108SF – “Beginner” Ice Cream Batch Freezer Hands-On Short Course Seminar

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For the first time ever, we are offering an ICE CREAM UNIVERSITY SEMINAR in San Francisco, California. Years in the making is the coming together of two Hall of Fame inductees, Malcolm Stogo and Thalia Hohenthal, bringing to our students, from years of experience, everything you need to know about getting into the business (capital, location) and producing a great frozen dessert product.

"Beginner” Ice Cream Batch Freezer Hands-On Seminar
Location- San Francisco, California

  • Hands-on Ice Cream/Frozen Dessert Making
  • Small Classes
  • One-on-One Training
  • 45 Minute Private Consultation
  • An Awesome Learning Experience
  • Two Free Months One on One Consulting
  • Incredible contacts/referrals on buying equipment as a ICU graduate

We offer a two-day, small class-size hands-on frozen desserts production and business seminar for beginners that helps:

  • Teach you HANDS-ON how to make incredible ice cream and other frozen desserts.
  • Learn the important business financial and equipment factors one needs to know, to be able to get into the ice cream/frozen dessert business.

During the hands-on production process, you will learn the following:

  • How to pasteurize a scratch base product for ice cream and gelato and also use a prepared dairy base.
  • Prepare an ice cream cake/pie, a pop stick dessert and scratch fudge and caramel sauces.

Sign up for a seminar and receive 2 months of FREE consultation by Ice Cream University founder Malcolm Stogo and Candy Hall of Fame inductee, Thalia Hohenthal after the seminar is over.

Seminar 108SF Agenda- Day 1

Morning Session

  • We will have an opening orientation about everything you have to know about the use of the Batch Freezer, and why it makes a terrific piece of equipment to produce great ice cream, sorbets and plant based frozen desserts. 
  • Now it time for all of us to get to get started making a great Vanilla ice cream. In our industry, there's an old saying: "you are always judged by the vanilla you produce".
  • Developing a great Chocolate ice cream takes patience, but the results are just terrific. As a group it is second only to vanilla in sales.
  • Producing nut flavors. Nut flavors are increasing in popularity and variations yearly.

12:30 PM - 1:15 PM:  Lunch- At the seminar

Afternoon Session:

  • Creating fruit flavors and their off shoots are a lot of fun and in the summer, you will produce more fruit flavors as a category than anything else, and creating candy-based flavors, and dairy free, the hottest new frozen dessert category to hit our industry in years.
  • Learning how to incorporate other ingredients like baked goods into a frozen dessert flavor like Strawberry cheesecake ice cream.
  • Creating popsicles and ice cream cookie sandwiches with silicone molds 
  • We will spend the balance of the afternoon preparing gelato flavors.

Day 2
Hands-on production, all day, spent making Dairy Free, Gelato, Italian ice and Sorbet flavors. Time available for each student to prepare a special flavor of their choice.

12:30 PM - 1:15 PM:  Lunch- At the seminar
After lunch, a business discussion on everything you need to know about getting into this Incredible Ice Cream Business.

Seminar ends at 4:00PM …………Au Revoir, thanks for coming!


Who We Are

Malcolm Stogo
For the last 25 years, Malcolm Stogo has been in the forefront in developing today's ice
cream concepts leap years ahead of the industry. He is the author of INCREDIBLE ICE
CREAM, Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts, co-author of Ice Cream Cakes, Homemade
Junkies, How To Succeed in the Incredible Ice Cream Business. and author of a new
book titled -Plant-Based Ice Cream He is President of Malcolm Stogo Associates, an
international ice cream consulting firm, as well as founder of Ice Cream University, a
seminar series and publishing company on ice cream production, and marketing and
publisher of Batch Freezer News and Ice Cream Store News, two quarterly newsletters
on everything one needs to know about ice cream production and marketing. In the
1980's, he co-owned Ice Cream Extravaganza (New York), the largest single frozen
dessert operation ($1,500,000 in sales). He also invented the chocolate dipped waffle
cone now being produced and sold all over the world.

Thalia Hohenthal
Thalia Hohenthal is a dessert genius. In the industry for 45 years, she says this
sweet business chose her. She is a Scientist at Guittard Chocolate Company and
holds two honors - Inducted into the Candy Hall of Fame and granted the first
patent for the company in its long history. She has also been instrumental in
bringing to the industry a high standard of food science education for students,
professionals, and academics, through the University of California, Davis, where
she earned her degree, and instructed at University of Wisconsin Candy School,
Cal Poly State University Dairy Science Course, Retail Confectioners International
Chocolate Boot Camp, and American Institute of Baking Short Courses. Thalia has
served on the National Confectioners Association Chocolate and Cocoa Regulatory
Committee since 2009 and is a member of the Leadership Board of the Food
Science and Technology Department at UC Davis. As a family, Michael and Thalia
Hohenthal founded Go To Chocolate, LLC, a family craft chocolate business, in

Michael Hohenthal
Michael Hohenthal is co-founder and Owner of Go To Chocolate, LLC started in
2005. He is a master of Chocolate and Confectionery Art and Science. He has also mastered operating a fine chocolate business in the competitive San Francisco market. While earning his Bachelor of Science degree from San Jose State University in Recreation and Leisure Studies, Michael learned that creativity and structure go hand in hand, and that creating a meaningful life rests upon doing what you love. Always an entrepreneur, his background in organization, operations, and his broad business experience give him the structure to create fabulous products and to produce them efficiently. Being very practical and demanding, he succeeds where mere dreamers fail.