Who We Work WIth

Shrivers, Ocean City, NJ (2006-Present)
Developed the first gelato concept on a New Jersey prime boardwalk location appealing to adults and children alike.

Nirvana, Atlanta, GA (2004-Present)
Helped create the best reviewed flavor line of frozen desserts in Atlanta.

Cape Cod Creamery, Yarmouth, MA (2005- Present)
Developed their concept from its inception; with the development of their ice cream and sorbet line to rave reviews on the Cape.

Eli Zabar’s The Vinegar Factory, New York, NY (2002)
Reformulated its frozen dessert line of ice cream and sorbet flavors to rave reviews (New York Times).

P.J. Madison’s, San Antonio, Texas (2003)
Helped them develop their concept from its inception; with their business plan, site selection, and the development of their gelato and sorbet flavor line.

Lee’s Sandwiches, Little Saigon, CA (2003)
Developed a new upscale line of Vietnamese and American ice creams flavors for sale in Lee’s sandwich shops in Little Saigon, California.
– Cheu Lee

TCBY, Boston, MA (2003)
Helped take a very successful soft serve TCBY business and create a new gelato business to fit into the current TCBY concept. Their three stores in New England are the only TCBY stores in the United States selling gelato.

The Frieze, South Beach, FL (2002 – Present)
Offered strategic advice resulting in increasing their wholesale frozen dessert business by over 25%.
– Lisa Warren