In every industry, there are a few individuals who are considered the best. Bill Lambert fits in that category. He has for the last 50 years been involved in almost every phase of ice cream production (ice cream mixes, continuous freezing production and the use of stabilizers and flavors). For over twenty years, Bill was general manager of Anderson Erickson, Des Moines, Iowa, ice cream line of ice cream products and mixes. Now retired, Bill spends his time on consulting assignments as a volunteer in Russia and Lithuania developing new dairy plants as well as restructuring existing ones. We are extremely lucky to have Bill join us to share and teach us how to do things efficiently the first time out, and cut through the layers of what you can or can’t do in getting product produced. Even better, at each seminar, almost every participant seems to fall in love with Bill because of the way he unwraps the intimidation of how ice cream is made. Bill resides in Des Moines, Iowa with his wife, Sally.