Developing an Outside Take-Out Business


Ice cream retailers complain to me all the time about the lack of winter business and are always asking – what they should do to improve sales during the winter months. What I tell them is that to get over the winter sales slump is not something that can only be addressed during the winter months. It’s all about selling products and services all year round that translates into the customer’s mind of who you are and what you have to offer.

One of the most significant things an ice cream retailer can do is to develop an outside sales program offering your own ice cream, sorbets, and ice cream cakes. It is a very sure way to build unlimited sales and increase profits for your store that works well not only in the winter months, but even more so in the very busy summer months.

In addition to selling these great desserts, you will be able to enhance your outside sales program by offering other auxiliary products for sale like balloons (very high profit margins) and toppings.

And finally, to complete the program, you can and should offer a delivery and serving service using your store employees. It’s not only a great service for your customers, but for your employees as well. For them it’s a chance to earn extra money. They’ll love the experience!

Selling these great desserts to restaurants, business offices, and organizations will help get you through a cold winter and make your business flourish all year long. But first, you need a game plan. Give this program some nurturing, and watch it grow.