Ricotta with Fig Ice Cream – Flavor of the Month


A great way to start off your summer ice cream season is our very popular Ricotta with Fig Ice cream. Figs are sweet and tangy and adding the creamy tang of ricotta cheese, the end product is a delicious fresh and elegant ice cream. For the last few years this ice cream has been chosen as the best flavor at our Ice Cream University workshops.


20 Quart Batch        

2 1/2 gallons                ice cream mix- Beginning of the batch
2 ounces                       two-fold vanilla extract- Beginning of the batch
2 pounds                      ricotta cheese Beginning of the batch
2 pounds                      cream cheese Beginning of the batch
½ oz                              cinnamon- Beginning of the batch
1 ounce                          lemon juice- Beginning of the batch
16 oz                              graham crackers- Mix into container
16 oz                              fig variegate- Mix into container- see below


Pour all ingredients into the batch freezer, except the fig variegate and graham crackers. Turn on dasher, refrigeration and begin batch. Set timer to 8 minutes. When batch is complete, turn off refrigeration and add fig variegate and graham crackers as you extrude the finished product.

Batch Time: 9-11 minutes


12-15                  fresh ripe figs, peeled
4 oz.                   sugar
8 oz                    water
14 grams           butter
14 grams,          corn starch
42 grams          lemon juice

Combine figs, sugar, water, and butter in a sauce pan, bring to a boil, and simmer for 10 minutes, or until figs are tender. Remove from heat, and add cornstarch and lemon juice. Cook again slowly until mixture thickens. Remove from heat.