Nutritional Statement Preparation


You can count on Ice Cream University for all of your food labels, nutrition statement labels and nutritional analysis needs. All of our 30 years of ice cream consulting experience is put to work for you. It’s everything you need to go from recipe to retail – all with the confidence that it’s done right.
Our promise: accurate, timely service. Our guarantee: 100% FDA regulation compliance.

  • Nutritional Analysis – Ensure accurate nutritional analysis and food nutrition facts labels for your products and restaurant menus with laboratory nutritional analysis and/or database nutritional analysis
  • Food Labels – Ensure full label compliance when we develop your nutrition facts labels and ingredient/allergen statements, product names, label claims, plus a review of your final label artwork.
  • FDA Regulatory Support – Get answers to your challenging regulatory questions. From one-time label review to ongoing annual support, we ensure your food labels are FDA-compliant.

Here’s How Ice Cream University Can Help You

Start-up Ice Cream Company
For a start-up company producing its first products in a professional manner, having a nutritional deck for each product flavor you want to produce and sell is very important. It shows to outsiders how serious you are in the manner you are projecting about your future endeavor. Full food label compliance services including development of food nutrition facts labels and ingredient/allergen statements, with FDA regulatory guidance for product naming and label claims.

Ice Cream Shop
Who would have thought 10 years ago, that doing nutritional statement panels and ingredient declaration on the product you sell in your shop was very important. Consumer health awareness has changed how we eat, and having the above information available to your customers can only be viewed as a positive thing. Having a master nutrition guide including the amount of fat, calories, and sugar of each product for you sell in your ice cream shop allows you to be pro-active about nutrition and comply with the new U.S. federal menu labeling law and/or FDA-compliant food labels for sold at retail.

Ice Cream University’s Most Popular Service
The preparation of the three required components of nutrition labeling are

  • Nutrition Facts Panel
  • Ingredient Declaration
  • Declaration of Allergens

The above three components are sent to you as a ready-art attachment for Label Packaging, POP Material, and Website Inclusion.
The bundled price for all three is $175 per product. The price for multiple products.

1-3 Flavors-Nutritional Statements $175 Each Flavor
4-6 Flavors– Nutritional Statements $135 Each Flavor
All others beyond 6 Flavors $100 Each Flavor

We use a data based computer program to prepare the labeling. The client supplies product formulations, plus some processing information. Data in the computer program includes the nutritional assay for most food ingredients. In some cases the client is asked to obtain this information from the ingredient supplier. Using the formulation and nutritional assay information, the computer program calculates the values for Nutrition Facts and formats them according to FDA guidelines.

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