Ingredients: 10 Quart Batch 20 Quart Batch 40 Quart Batch
ICU Chocolate Blend 1 ½ pounds 3 pounds 6 pounds
sugar ¼ pound ½ pound 1 pound
hot water 2 pounds 4 pounds 8 pounds
ice cream mix 1 ¼ gallons 2 1/2 gallons 5 gallons
two-fold vanilla extract 2 ounces 4 ounces 8 ounces


Depending on the size of the batch, mix required chocolate blend with required sugar and water, and heat in double boiler at 100F until chocolate and cocoa have melted, and a smooth chocolate paste has been created with no dry cocoa showing.

Pour all ingredients into batch freezer, turn on dasher and let it run for 5 minutes until the chocolate mixture is completely blended into mix.  Turn on refrigeration and begin batch. When batch is complete, turn off refrigeration and extrude finished product.

Batch time: 8-9 minutes.